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CSGO - UK is the number 1 clan to be part of in the UK, brought to you by the admin of A51Alienware. Although we are a small UK based clan we are growing day by day and accept members from all over the world. It is not a riquirement that you are from the UK to join however you are required to communicate in english.

We run a competitive game play server 24/7 so our members can practice whenever they choose. Click to
 join our CSGO server. If
your not ready to play right now spend a few minutes looking round the site. Check out the mods section. Or visit our forum and introduce yourself. Check out our video section for tips and tricks to help you come out on top in game.

You may also like to check out the members section to a full list of CSGO UK members and see who's playing right now, you can add members to your Steam friends list from there also. Or check the stats page to get up to date HLstatsX statistics for our server.

If you don't own Counter-Strike Global Offensive click here to go to the steam store.

We are currently recruiting. If you would like to join CSGO - UK then please introduce yourself in the forums or drop in and say hi on the server.
Playable console with “Super Mareo Bruhs” modded into CS:GO server

Reflex Gamers has made a brilliant addition to its 24/7 cs_office server for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive—the map now features the "Sourcemod Entertainment System" (SMES), a playable console which runs "Super Mareo Bruhs" on a TV in the projector room. Watch the video on YouTube feature=player_embedded&v=LoyGRRJgpTU#!
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update adds cs_militia, reworks hostage rescue system

Valve has sent out a patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that focuses on tweaking Hostage Rescue rules for stronger balance and to entice players away from the long-favored Bomb Defusal. Most notably, CTs have now adopted the tactical doctrine of draping hostages across their shoulders like a squishy scarf, and only a single rescue is needed to secure a win for the good guys.

This weeks map review is de_damnation by  Kvalheim

This is a personal favorite of mine. An excellent map from Halo that is best suited for Death match and Gun game. Not to very good as a bomb mission map in my opinion but includes the buy zones and bomb site so can be played in classic bomb mode if you wish. If you remember the original you note that it wasn't orange like you seeing the picture bellow but  grey with some lights flashing on the walls if i remember correctly, any way these are just the dev textures but hopefully we may see some textures a bit closer to the original. This map is fast pace action all the way in death match and arms race/gun game mode and you can guaranty an enemy round every corner. good for small teams of 4-7 a side. To many players and it gets a bit silly especially on FFA. Check out the video and screen shots for this and other maps in the video section.

        reviewed by {A51}Predator

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